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Current Element

Expression  Musical expression is communicating through music. This is achieved through several factors, but the two main factors that we focus on are dynamics and tempo. Expression is what allows the audience to hear the story, even though there may not be any lyrics, or feel different emotions while listening to the music. Without expression, music would be more boring and wouldn't connect with its audience. 

Current Composers


John Phillip Sousa:  Sousa(1854-1931) was a Romantic composer from Washington D.C., USA. He played the violin, trombone, and other instruments. He joined the US. Marine band at age 13 after his dad found out that he was going to run away with the circus. After 7 years in the Marine band, he left, but later came back as their leader. He is famous for composing marches, which is how he earned the name "March King". His most famous march is The Stars and Stripes Forever. The "sousaphone" was names after John Philip Sousa because he was the one that asked for a marching tuba to be created.

Aaron Copland:  Copland(1900-1990) was a Modern composer from New York. He played the piano, conducted, and taught. He studied composition in Paris, France. A trip to Mexico inspired him to write his piece, El Salon Mexico. He focused most of his composing on American sounds, as opposed to copying sounds from European composers. He even included jazz rhythms in some of his music. He is known for composing Fanfare for the Common Man, and the ballets Rodeo, and Appalachian Spring. 

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