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Music Is One In A Minion



Form is the overall plan of a piece of music. It's how the composer organizes the parts and pieces. There is call & response, verse & refrain, AB, aaba, rondo, and theme & variation.



Jazz History: Jazz is usually dated back to when there were slaves in the United States. Many times, slaves were not allowed to speak to each other while they worked, so they would sing. These "work songs" were often sung in a call and response style, along with a lot of improvisation (making it up as you go). On Sundays, during their free time, the slaves would congregate in Congo Square in New Orleans (where jazz was formed). They would sing, dance, and play drums. Eventually people began taking different sounds from the salves, as well as other musical sounds, and combining them together to create different styles of music. Ragtime(Scott Joplin), Dixieland, and the blues were among the earliest forms of jazz. The 1920's and 1930's was the swing era. The dance music was played by big bands. Louis Armstrong was one of the major stars during this period. The 1940's brought bebop (bop) with Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie.  The sounds of bop reflected the country's feelings of the war. The 1950's were filled with sounds of cool jazz (Miles Davis). The country was now relaxed and so was the music. Free jazz was popular during the 1960's (John Coletrane) and Fusion during the 1970's (Chick Corea) where electric instruments were added to the typical jazz instruments.  

Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington: Duke was a jazz musician, composer, and band leader from Washington DC. He learned to play the piano when he was a teenager. His band, The Washingtonians (later changed to The Duke Ellington Orchestra), ended up with THE job that every jazz band wanted: working at the Cotton Club. Following the Cotton Club, Duke and his band toured the US. They lived in a train car because segregation caused them problems at times. At one time Duke had wanted to be an artist, so color often played a role in his music: Mood Indigo, Magenta Haze, and Black and Tan Fantasy. 

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