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Current Element


Rhythm is the pattern of long and short sounds and silences. In this unit the students learn how to read and perform rhythms, with the exception of kindergarten. They focus on learning how to keep a steady beat. Ask your students to keep a steady beat and/or create and clap some rhythms for you!

Current Composers


Leonard Berstein: Bernstein was an American composer, conductor, teacher, and pianist. He wrote the music to West Side Story.


George Gershwin: Gershwin was from New York City in the USA. He was born in 1898 during the Romantic Era, but 2 years later the Modern Era began, so he is considered to be a Modern composer. As a child he like to roller skate through Harlem and sit outside of restaurants and clubs and listen to the music he heard coming from them. His family bought a piano for his brother, Ira, but he started playing it right away, much to the surprise of his family. At the age of 15 he got a job in Tin Pan Alley playing the piano at a publishing company. He is famous for writing Rhapsody in Blue and the opera Porgy and Bess.

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